Is the water in your home healthy to drink? Install a new home water filter to make sure your home has high quality water. There are several different types of home water filters, and each kind has its own purpose. Different houses have varying contaminants in the tap water.  Research the different kinds of home water filters and have your water tested so that you can decide which one would benefit you the most.

The Best Types of Home Water Filters

The different types of home water filters address different flaws in tap water. Consider the following information when selecting a home water filter:

1. Activated Carbon Types of Home Water Filters

Activated carbon filters remove particles like sediment, VOCs, and chlorine from the water. Activated carbon filters are the most common water filters. They are found in filter pitchers, faucet attachments, under the sink models, or built into a refrigerator. They are sometimes used in conjunction with another type of filter. 

2. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filters are another popular option to consider as you shop for different types of home water filters. This water filter uses a reverse osmosis process to remove various unhealthy contaminants. With reverse osmosis filters, homeowners can expect toxins like sodium, chromium, lead, fluoride, and other contaminants to be removed. The do not remove chlorine, which is why they are often paired with a supplemental carbon filter. 

3. Water Ionizers

These devices rely on the electrolysis process. Through electrolysis, water passes over electrically charged plates then separates into an acidic and alkaline stream. Ionization raises the alkalinity of water you drink, but does not remove impurities.

4. UV Filters

Another technology to consider when researching water filters for the home is UV filters. These filters use ultraviolet radiation to treat water. These UV rays work to destroy bacteria and viruses that may be in the water supply. Have your water tested to learn if pathogens are in your water.

Keep your family healthy with clean drinking water. Use this guide to decide what kind of water filter is best for your home.

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