A home renovation project involves a lot of planning. You have to decide what work you’ll be doing, who will be doing it, and what materials they’ll use. You also have to figure out where to move things so that contractors can work efficiently and without damaging your belongings. For many families, a storage unit is the right solution. Here are four reasons to use storage during remodeling.

Storage During Remodeling Helps the Process

One advantage of using outside storage during remodeling is that your belongings are completely out of the way. You don’t have to put your living room furniture into the dining room and then move it again as the work progresses.

Instead, you move items out to the storage unit and then back when the work is complete, with no impact on other rooms of your home. You don’t even need a storage space big enough for everything, just for the contents you have to store at each stage of the renovation process.

Your Belongings Will Be Protected

Most contractors prefer building new homes to remodeling existing homes because they have a blank slate. It’s a hassle to work around a family’s belongings while bringing in materials, installing them, and then taking out the waste.

Your contractor will appreciate that you’ve removed personal items from their work area by using storage during remodeling. The workers can go about their tasks without worrying about damaging your belongings or getting dust, dirt, or paint on them.

Options for Storage During Remodeling

We traditionally think of self-storage facilities as the place for keeping items during a renovation project, but that’s not the only solution. You might be able to move things into your basement or garage, or maybe a friend or neighbor has some spare space you can use short-term.

Another option is a storage pod, which is a portable container delivered to you that can stay on your property. You can store it in your yard or driveway until the work is done or opt to have it stored off-site and brought back later.

You Have an Opportunity to Reorganize

When all you do is shift things around your home, you may just put everything back where it was and miss an opportunity to make your space more efficient and comfortable by reorganizing. When you have moved everything out of the space, you can re-design the room when you move it back in. You’ll have a clean slate to arrange the furniture in a new way.

Remodeling your home is a big and challenging project. By using storage during remodeling, you can keep your furniture and other contents safe, secure, and clean while making it easy for the contractors to get the work done.

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