Spring is finally here and with it comes the ritual of spring cleaning. Deep-clean the carpets, declutter the basement, dust around the house, and don’t forget the hidden places during your cleaning efforts. Use the following 10 spring cleaning tips to achieve a spotless home.

1.Spring Cleaning Tips for Curtains and Upholstery

Drapes and curtains collect dust. The same is true for upholstery. Pet hair, dust, and dirt accumulate on fabrics in your home and diminish your indoor air quality. Check the care label to determine how to clean them. Some curtains can be machine washed while others need to be dry-cleaned. Furniture typically has a label on the bottom of the cushion with details on how to best clean the upholstery.

2. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are notorious dust collectors, especially if they aren’t used often. A thick layer can build up and throw dust around your home when the fan is turned on. Spring cleaning tips include dusting the fan blades and the motor housing with a long-handled duster. Dust more effectively by wiping the duster with a plastic bag to magnetize the fibers with a charge.

3. Dishwasher & Washing Machine

We often remember to clean the refrigerator but forget the dishwasher and washing machine. If your models don’t have automatic cleaning buttons, run a cycle of vinegar followed by a cycle of baking soda. Follow up with a good exterior cleaning. Your laundry will be fresher and your dishes will sparkle.

4. Underneath the Stove

Underneath the stove is one of the most commonly overlooked places to clean. The more cooking you do, the more grease and grime that collects in the crevices between the stove and the countertops. You may also find bits of food and debris inside the drawer in the bottom of the oven. Move the stove forward to clean underneath. Using a butter knife wrapped in a damp cloth to clean hard-to-reach crevices is a great tip for spring cleaning around your stove.

5. Underneath the Bed

Dust and dirt accumulate under beds. Remove any stored items from beneath the bed and vacuum or sweep thoroughly. Move the bed if possible. If not, use a long-handled dust mop.

6. Spring Cleaning Tips for Light Fixtures

Don’t overlook glass globes and light fixtures when spring cleaning. They may not look dusty, but one swipe can reveal brighter lights beneath dirty fixtures. Remove glass globes and shades from lamps and wash them in warm, soapy water. Rinse and let them air dry. If they are not removable, use a step ladder to clean them.

7. Underneath the Sinks

The cabinets below our bathroom and kitchen sinks can get messy but are often forgotten about when spring cleaning. To clean your cabinets, remove every item stored there. Declutter by tossing out old or unwanted items and wipe the cabinets out completely. Add to your list of spring cleaning tips to check for water leaks. Leaks can cause water stains and mold growth.

8. Backsplashes

Most of us remember countertop areas during spring cleaning, but backsplashes are often overlooked. Since they’re in an area used for food preparation and cooking, backsplashes can accumulate a heavy coating of grease and grime. Make backsplashes sparkle with a heavy-duty sponge and baking soda or white vinegar and water.

9. Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Appliances

Include toasters, can openers, coffee makers, blenders, and other appliances used in the kitchen on your checklist of spring cleaning tips. Empty crumb trays on toaster ovens. Wipe down can openers. Clean blades in blenders and food processors. Run vinegar and water through the coffee maker for a fresher pot of coffee.

10. Garbage Disposal

Last but not least, don’t forget the garbage disposal. Leftover food scraps can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Turn off the power to the disposal, put on a glove, and use a disinfectant-soaked cloth to wipe underneath the black rubber ring. After scrubbing it, turn the disposal on and run some baking soda and vinegar through it while covering the opening. Flush it out with hot water for a cleaner, fresher garbage disposal.

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