Termites and other wood-destroying insects target your home and can cause property damage, however, an infestation is not beyond your control. By understanding and following tips to prevent termite damage at home, you can safeguard your home against expensive repairs.

Why Prevent Termite Damage at Home

Wood-destroying insects damage property by eating wood and burrowing hollow channels into the wooden materials in or around your home. Termite destruction in a home can lead to expensive repairs and, because the wood is weakened, can impact the structural integrity of the building. You can help prevent termite damage at home by following these tips.

1. Keep Wood Away from the Foundation

Termites and other wood-destroying insects will reach your home either by swarming or by crawling from one wooden surface to another. This might be the case if the wood or soil is wet, as subterranean termites prefer moist environments.

Move any wood stores, such as your stack of firewood, at least a few feet away from the home’s foundation. Keep this wood dry and place it on an elevated platform or rack to help prevent termite damage at home.

2. Consider Grading and Drainage

Because damp soil creates conditions for a subterranean termite infestation, avoid letting the soil around your home remain moist. Grade your yard to slope gradually downward so that water runs away from the home.

3. Adjust Gutter Downspouts

Gutters help you to control the flow of rainwater off your roof. The downspouts should be adjusted so that the water is deposited at least a foot or two away from the home. When directing the gutters, make sure that they drain into an area that will not result in puddling or pooling of water close to the structure.

4. Pay Attention to Vegetation and Mulch

Wood mulch and vegetation close to the home are inviting to termites, especially in damp locations. Consider placing rocks or pebbles around the perimeter of your foundation, and keep vegetation a few feet away from the structure. Any wood siding on your home should be several inches above the ground.

Call a termite inspector to inspect your home periodically. They will look for wood-destroying insects and can determine if you currently have an issue with termites. The inspector may point out termite-friendly conditions that you will want to address. Follow the inspector’s advice to help prevent termite damage at home.

House2Home Inspection Services will examine your home for signs of a wood-destroying insect infestation. Contact us to schedule an inspection.