Preparing to list your home for sale may seem like a monumental feat. Once your home is on the market, it will be directly competing with other similar listings in your area. You need your property to shine so that potential buyers ask for a showing and hopefully make an offer. Ordering a pre-listing home inspection may seem like a waste of time and money in the selling process. However, a closer look at the many benefits of getting a pre-listing home inspection may change your mind.

Do You Need a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

If you have lived in your home for more than a year or two, you probably think you’re already aware of any issues. For example, you may know that the window in your son’s room sticks and that the third stairstep creaks. However, a pre-listing home inspection gives you a thorough assessment of areas of the home that you may not view regularly or that you are not trained to assess. These are some of the reasons why a professional home inspection is helpful before listing your home for sale.

1. An Opportunity to Make a Good Impression

A home inspection may tell you about serious or substantial issues that should be addressed before you offer the home for sale. In fact, an inspection report will give you a thorough list of all items that require attention in your home. You may not need or want to tackle all items, but the report is a great way to focus your attention on the most important to-do items.

2. A Great Selling Point

Many sellers who order a pre-listing home inspection will provide a copy of the report to interested buyers as a selling point. If your report shows serious defects that may cause the buyer to back out or negotiate, consider making repairs or improvements before listing it for sale. Once the repairs have been made, order an updated inspection that yields a more favorable inspection report. Most buyers will still order their own inspection out of protocol, but it is likely to be free from negative surprises.

3. Decreased Likelihood for Negotiations

The results of a buyer’s home inspection are often used as a negotiation point by buyers. Some buyers will ask sellers to complete specific repairs before closing or to reduce the sales price by the cost of any needed repairs. While this is one outcome, some buyers may be so turned off by certain issues found in the inspection that they will actually walk away from the transaction altogether. By addressing these issues up front, you can avoid lengthy negotiations and enjoy a faster, easier selling experience.

4. Potentially a Higher Offer

When you present a pre-listing home inspection report to a buyer, the buyer may see exceptional value in your home. In addition to the appeal of its location, style, layout, and price, the home’s excellent condition may be another reason for the buyer to make a good offer. This is because the buyer will likely not see your home as a fixer-upper or a work-in-progress. In some cases, this may help you to receive a swift and strong offer on your home.

As you prepare to list your home for sale, you may be overwhelmed by cleaning, staging, and taking other essential steps. Ordering a pre-listing home inspection may have initially seemed like one of those things that can be overlooked. However, now that you understand how beneficial an inspection can be to a seller, order your pre-listing home inspection and use it as the excellent selling tool that it can be.

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