The basement of a home can be a functional living space, a workspace, or a space for storage and laundry. Sometimes the task of how to organize your basement can be daunting. Follow these tips below on organizing your basement to make the process simple.

Start Small to Organize Your Basement

If you haven’t cleaned or organized your basement for a long time, it may seem like an impossible task. Set aside the time you will work on your basement organization and give yourself ample time. An entire basement cannot be organized in one hour, so devote the whole day or weekend to the project. If you cannot spare a full day, work a little at a time and make a list so you can check off what you accomplish each session. After you’ve determined how much time you are setting aside to organize, make a list of which areas of the basement you want to tackle first. Perhaps you work from the stairs to the other side or vice versa.

Separate Living Space From Storage Space

Often basements serve a multipurpose function. If you use your basement for living space or recreation, keep this place separate from any basement storage areas. When storage spills into the living space, it can quickly upend any of your organizational efforts and overwhelm the living space itself. Once you have identified space for family use and space for storage, you can further organize items according to their function and use.

Make the Most of Storage Space to Organize Your Basement

Another important tip on organizing your basement is to start with removing trash and clutter. Mark any items that can be donated and remove them promptly as well. Group similar items together to avoid confusion in the future when organizing your basement.

Maintaining Organization in the Future

Now that you understand how to organize your basement maintain organization going forward. Have the appropriate supplies to continue your organization’s efforts, like bins, boxes, trash bags, and pens for labeling. Labeling storage bins and boxes will make it easy to quickly identify storage items in the future and maintain your freshly organized space.

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