Summer is approaching and this means better weather to spend more time in your yard. While some people hire a professional to tend to their lawns, many see pulling out the lawnmower as a summer ritual. Here are some lawn care tips that will make it easier to keep your lawn healthy all summer long.

Lawn Care Tips for Early Summer

Feed the Lawn

Feed the lawn with a lawn food specifically designed for summer. Some products contain insect control which can be beneficial if insects have been a problem for you in the past.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Keeping the grass blades taller results in healthier grass. Adjust the height on the mower blades so that only one-third of the height is cut. The shade the grass blades provide helps keep water from evaporating too quickly in the heat of the sun and encourages the roots to grow deeper.

Leave Grass Clippings

Let clippings stay on the lawn after mowing to serve as a mulch. The clippings help the grass retain moisture and will break down and feed the soil with nutrients.

Lawn Care Tips for Mid-Summer

Continue to mow high and leave grass clippings. Get on a regular schedule for mowing your lawn. Water the lawn deeply in the morning every few days instead of a watering a little bit every day. Use a screwdriver or trowel to determine how deep into the soil the water is reaching. The water should sink into the soil 4-6 inches.

Late-Summer Lawn Care Tips

Sharpen the Blade

As late summer comes around, it is time to re-sharpen the mower blade. When the blade becomes dull, it can shred and damage the grass, making it more difficult for your lawn to retain moisture.

Morning Watering

Water the yard in the early morning. This is a good lawn care tip for every season but is most important during the extreme heat of late summer. Watering early allows the water to sink into the soil before being evaporated by the hot summer sun.

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