Building a new home for your family may be the biggest investment of your life. You want your new home to be perfect when the move-in day arrives. A new construction home shouldn’t have problems or defects; it’s never been lived in and all of the components are new. However, there can still be issues with the construction. As the homebuyer, you can help protect your investment when you hire an inspector to perform an inspection on a newly built home.

With a New Build, Mistakes Can Happen

When a home is being built, there are various construction crews on the job. The building will require framers, painting, plumbers, an HVAC technician, and an electrical team. There will be different subcontractors responsible for pouring the foundation, hanging drywall, and installing flooring. Because so many crews work on a home, there is no way for the builder to supervise the entire process. Mistakes can be made or defective materials might be used.

A home inspector is well-trained to locate problems and safety concerns in a home. He or she will examine every aspect of the new house and provide you with a report of his or her findings.

Get a Thorough Inspection on a Newly Built Home

When a home is completed, the local city or county inspector will visit the site to make sure the house meets basic building code requirements. These codes are the bare minimum for safety standards.

Hiring a professional home inspector will guarantee the home is thoroughly inspected. The inspector will assess the condition of each component of the home, from the foundation to the roofing. He or she will test appliances, check electrical circuits, make sure the plumbing is properly installed, and look for safety issues.

Locate Problems and Safety Concerns

Because an inspector does such a complete check of the home, you’ll get a good idea of whether the house is safe to live in. Your inspector will notice if the attic insulation is inadequate for the local climate. He or she will check handrails on the staircases to verify they are safely and securely installed. The inspector will test smoke alarms, make sure the garage door operates correctly, and see that electrical outlets are properly grounded.

The inspection report serves as a 3rd party’s account of the property. It will be a valuable resource to share with your builder when requesting repairs that need to be made.

Save Money by Having the Builder Make Repairs

With the information provided in the inspection report, you can request that your home builder handle repairs and/or replacements before your move-in date. If problems aren’t discovered until later, you may have to live in a construction zone while issues are being fixed by your contractor.

As the buyer, you’ll also save money by not having to take care of the problems yourself. Avoid the hassle of moving into a new home and immediately facing hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Prepare for a Future Sale with an Inspection on a Newly Built Home

When you have a home built for your family, it’s not likely that you are planning an immediate sale. However, you may decide to relocate in the future. Your buyer will order an inspection and any issues found, even if they date back to the original construction, will be your responsibility to repair. Major problems could cause your buyer to walk away from the sale. Ordering an inspection on your newly built home will inform you of any issues so they can be remedied immediately.

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