Selling your home requires doing everything possible to make a great first impression on your buyer. Here are 11 ways to improve curb appeal when selling your house.

Replace the Mailbox to Improve Curb Appeal

If your mailbox has seen better days, paint it or install a new one. Give a prospective buyer a preview of what they will see when arriving home, and where they’ll pick up their mail each day.

Paint the Front Door

Improve curb appeal instantly by freshening up your front door with a coat of new paint. The front door is a focal point that is noticed immediately by potential buyers. Make it stand out.

Add Potted Plants

Healthy plants create an atmosphere that shows buyers that their new space has been cared for. Add plants alongside the driveway or walkway. Place a few potted plants on the front porch, on either side of the steps or the door.

Prune Your Shrubs to Improve Curb Appeal

Have the shrubs in your yard become overgrown and unruly? Prune the shrubbery if they look leggy and brown. Pruning helps the plant grow well from the inside out. The result is a healthier-looking plant.

Upgrade Street Numbers

Freshening up your street numbers might not seem like a big deal when you’re working to improve curb appeal. However, the 15 minutes required to do the job helps make a great first impression. Anyone touring the home will also be able to find the house more easily.

Update the Garage Door

The garage door is one of your home’s most noticeable outdoor features. Make the most out of it by adding decorative fixtures that set it apart from all other homes on your street. You might add hardware such as faux window panels, hasps, or handles.

Another garage door improvement that’s easy to accomplish is painting it a new color. Freshen up the average white garage door with a bright hue. Make sure the new color matches well with the home’s siding. Use fast-drying paint and you can finish this project quickly.

Improve Curb Appeal at Night: Add Spotlights

Use spotlights and point them up toward a row of shrubs or the front porch. Do the same by pointing light up into a tree. The opposite is done by placing lights inside trees and pointing them down into the lawn or walkway. These lighting methods add a soft, natural glow to your yard and improve curb appeal at night.

Light Up the Front Walkway

Adding lighting to the front path provides both security and warmth to the front yard. Use solar-powered spotlights along all walkways. Try adding a few of them to nearby flower beds as well.

Add a Lamp Post

A lamp post placed strategically along your walkway creates a beautiful effect at night and is a stylish feature for the yard.

Improve Curb Appeal With Mulch

Bring in a fresh load of mulch for flower beds to add contrast and color. It also keeps the soil moist and prevents weeds from spreading. Use materials that are native to the region you live in for best results.

Wash Down All Exteriors

Pressure wash the walkways and driveway to freshen up your pavement. Do the same to the home’s exterior so that your house doesn’t look dirty.

Use these tips to improve curb appeal and increase your home’s asking price and help it sell quickly.

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