House2Home Inspection Services

General Home Inspection

House2Home Inspection Services will conduct a visual inspection of the house in question and will report on discovered defects and safety issues present at the time of the inspection. All inspections are completed in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice (SOP). The extent of the issue will be explained, and the inspector will make a recommendation for addressing the issue. Our clients are invited to attend their inspections and to ask whatever questions they may have. Thermal imaging will be employed as needed free of charge in order to gain a greater insight into the home’s true condition than could be attained by way of the unaided human eye alone. When readily and safely accessible, the following systems and components will be inspected:

  • ROOF

We Use The Following Tools During Our Inspections

Thermal Imaging Camera

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Combustible Gas Detector

Electrical Outlet Tester

Other Types of Inspections


If we have already completed a General Home Inspection for you, consider following up with a Re-Inspection after your requested repairs have been made. This inspection can offer you the peace of mind you need before you close a deal on the home. We will inspect the changes made to the home since our last visit, ensuring that all repairs were made accurately and in accordance with your repair addendum.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Potential home buyers are most attracted to homes that require little repair, so sellers can make their homes stand out to these buyers by scheduling their own Pre-Listing Inspection. We will inspect the homes for the damages and defects that sellers should be aware of so that they can make repairs that will better prepare the property for the market.

New Construction Inspection

Oversights in construction should be found and addressed before the final walkthrough with the builder. We inspect the home for these small issues, allowing the builder time to repair them before the walkthrough is scheduled.

New Construction Phase Inspections

A construction project can be inspected at intervals throughout the entire building process, ensuring that each new phase of construction is completed accurately and safely before the builder moves on.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Newly built homes are typically sold with a warranty that covers the cost of repairing defects in construction for one year. By having the home inspected during the 11th month, homeowners can rest assured that any issue that is covered under that warranty gets taken care of in time and avoid becoming financially responsible for it.

Additional Inspection Services

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

At high enough levels, mold in the air of a home can negatively impact the health of the individuals living there. Mold can aggravate allergies and asthma and be a cause of serious concern to anyone with a weakened immune system. It can also cause damage to the home. We will inspect the home for signs of mold and check the air quality in areas where high moisture levels are most likely to occur.

Radon Gas Testing

Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that is invisible and odorless, so it is impossible to detect without professional equipment. The gas, which is created during the breakdown of uranium in soil, can move up from the ground and enter through cracks in your home. Once inside, radon can build up to the point where it can cause serious health issues to individuals in the home, and long-term exposure is a leading cause of lung cancer. We offer Radon Gas Testing using a continuous monitoring system with professional-grade tamper-resistant electronic monitors. This tool measures the levels of radon in the home so you can ensure that you and your family are safe from this deadly gas’ harmful effects.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Carpenter Bees are all wood destroying insects. These pests make homes and tunnels in the wood of a home, which can cause serious structural damage that sometimes goes unnoticed until it is difficult and costly to repair. During a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, we will examine the home for signs of an infestation or any preexisting insect-related damages that you should be made aware of.

Water Testing

Water Testing

Buyers should have Water Testing conducted before purchasing a home with a private well to ensure the water supply is safe for use and consumption. H2H offers several different water tests to fit your needs depending on your financing requirements, such as FHA, VA or USDA. Annual water testing for homes with private wells is recommended.

Septic System Inspection

Septic System Inspection

Most homes that are not using a municipal sewage system will have their own septic system for on-site waste disposal. The most common issue with these systems relates to the drain field, which can become contaminated and blocked. During H2H’s Septic System Inspection, we run a tracer dye through the system, pressurize the drain field, and bore “perc” holes in the field to ensure it is draining properly.

Well Mechanical Inspection

Well Mechanical Inspection

Well systems are the primary delivery method for homes with a private water supply. A Well System consists of a well casing, water lines, a pump, and a water or air tank. Homes with private well systems should have these components inspected before purchasing a home to ensure there is an adequate water supply. H2H’s Well Mechanical Inspection will determine the operational condition of your private well system.

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