Heating your home in the winter can get expensive. Learn ways to heat your home efficiently to keep your house cozy and comfortable. There are some easy steps you can take, and some of them won’t cost a dime.

How Do You Heat Your Home Efficiently?

Install Adequate Insulation

Warm air will flow from warmer spaces into cooler spaces. Make sure your home is properly insulated to prevent heat loss. Try to complete this improvement project before it gets too cold outside. Some areas to add insulation include the attic access door, the attic, joist spaces, exterior walls, around any exposed pipes, floors above the crawl space, and basement ceilings.

Make Improvements to Windows to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Windows lose 10-20 percent more heat than insulated walls. Use foam sealant or silicone caulking around windows to prevent drafts. You can also add window insulation film to create a barrier against the cool air outside. Not only is this an easy project to tackle by yourself, but it is also relatively cheap depending on the size and number of windows you need to cover.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps you save you money on home heating. Set your thermostat to a lower setting at bedtime and then increase it 30 minutes before you typically wake up. Since the sun helps heat your home during the warmest part of the day, you can also set your thermostat at a lower temperature during those hours.

Heat Your Home Efficiently for Very Little Money

Here are a few tips for staying cozy without spending much money:

  • Keep comfortable by wearing pants and long sleeves or wrapping up in a blanket instead of turning the thermostat up.
  • Create a draft blocker by using a rolled-up towel or blanket.
  • Use a humidifier during the cooler months to help the air feel warmer.
  • If you use the oven for cooking, leave it open while it cools to warm the room.
  • Use a space heater to help heat rooms you use most frequently.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise. This pulls down the heat that has naturally risen to the ceiling.
  • Hang heavy curtains and keep them closed at night. Leaving curtains and blinds open during the day allows sunlight to naturally warm your home.
  • Clean and/or replace furnace filters and have your heating system serviced for maximum efficiency.
  • Use rugs on tile, hardwood, concrete, and linoleum floors to provide extra insulation and keep the floor warm.
  • If you have a wood fireplace, use it to save on central heating costs.
  • Make sure vents they are not blocked by beds, furniture, or drapes.

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