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What Is A Pre-listing Home Inspection?

A Pre-Listing home inspection is performed for the seller prior to the home being listed for sale.  Since buyers will want their own inspections anyway, you may not consider the cost of a pre-listing inspection to be a worthwhile expense.  Defects found during the Pre-Listing inspection will be detected during the buyer’s inspection.  It would be to your benefit to know about them prior to signing a sales agreement. House2Home Inspection Services has the expertise you need to achieve the highest value for your home.  The following are the top three home inspection tips you need to know when determining whether a pre-listing inspection is in your best interest—and how it can help smooth the way to a quick sale:

It Will Justify Your Position

Sellers and buyers often have different perspectives of what the home is worth, even when presented with comparable homes to review. One of the best home inspection tips is to justify your listing price through a pre-listing inspection. With these results in hand, you’ll feel confident that you’re asking for the best price based on the condition of your home, and buyers will feel reassured that what they see is what they will get.

A pre-listing inspection often prompts buyers to make an offer on a home without a home inspection condition, especially in a hot market in which multiple offers are likely. It also shows buyers you’re serious about selling and helps you list your home’s assets and updates, all of which strengthen your home’s selling power.

It Will Let You Keep the Upper Hand

If you’re concerned about buyers shying away from defects, it’s important to remember that although no home is perfect, a pre-listing inspection report puts many issues into perspective. Providing estimates on how long a home’s components will last helps buyers rationalize long-term repairs versus focusing on the dollar figure behind them. Knowing a repair might not have to be made for several years could reduce a buyer’s need to ask for a price concession.

With a pre-listing inspection in hand, you’ll have the opportunity to correct any defects or come up with an action plan before the house hits the market. You can then choose to repair the items yourself, hire a contractor to do the work, or simply drop the price of your home to more accurately reflect its condition.

Hiring someone also gives you the benefit of choosing your own certified inspector and the ability to be present during the inspection. Qualified home inspectors who work directly with you before you list your home can help you understand any issues that might surface during a buyer’s inspection and help you form a plan long before the negotiation phase.

It Will Reduce the Negotiation Process

Eliminating last-minute surprises and ensuring your home is properly priced can considerably reduce the negotiation phase by taking many of the home’s defects off the table. Because you’ve had time to correct issues or reduce the price of your home, there won’t be much left for buyers to negotiate on.

While buyers will still request their own inspections as a condition of sale in most cases, you can be confident a secondary report will strengthen the information in your pre-listing inspection, paving the way for buyers to remove this condition without the haggle.

With all the cards on the table in the form of a pre-listing inspection, buyers are less likely to walk away due to an unpleasant surprise discovered at the eleventh hour, and it will help combat any suspicions they may have. By removing these roadblocks, you can find your way to a smooth sale quickly—and for the best price possible.

Why Have A Seller’s Home Inspection?

You are selling your HOME and want to make the most money from your investment. The proceeds from this home sale is likely your single largest contributor to the investment in your next home.  House2Home Inspection Services can help maximize your investment.

A “Pre-Listing” Inspection is performed for the seller prior to the home being listed for sale. You will know the same information that a buyer would receive with their house inspection.

The Seller benefits of a Pre-Listing are:

  • Repair Option
    • Owner affected repairs cost approximately 50% of the negotiated repair costs.
  • Selling Price is reinforced
    • The Sales Price is set based on the current known and reported house conditions.
  • Enhance Marketability
    • Link report to MLS listing
    • Report available for showings
    • Re-Inspections are available for report update to reflect repairs made
  • Reduce Liability (full disclosure)
  • Unbiased, third party report

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