Complete These Fall Preparation Steps For Your Home Early

As autumn approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your home for the cooler weather ahead. In the next few months, leaves will fall, the temperature will drop, and you will start using your heater and fireplace. The end of summer is the best time to take these fall preparation steps for your home.

1. Fall Preparation And Clean Gutters

A house’s gutters need to be clean to do their job, which is to direct water away from the home. More precipitation will likely occur over the next few months and leaves will start to fall. A roof’s drainage system protects a home’s foundation, walls, and exterior from being damaged by hundreds of gallons of water. Clear out the gutters so they will be ready to handle anything that autumn brings. When gutters get clogged, it can compromise different parts of a house including the basement. Once gutters are cleaned, it’s important to put down some type of mesh guard to prevent falling debris from getting in them.

2. Furnace Inspection

Before you use your home’s heating system, have it inspected by a trained and experienced professional to avoid making an emergency service call in colder weather. If your furnace had any strange sounds or other issues at the end of the last winter season, you will want to address those before you use it again. It’s also good to stock up on a supply of filters and make certain the furnace’s filters are changed as frequently as the manual directs.

3. Outdoor Faucets

Tending to the outdoor faucets is one of the fall preparation steps for your home that should be done when you are finished using outside water sources for the year. Make sure all the water is drained from hoses and disconnect them. Turning off all outdoor water supplies will help prevent an outside faucet from bursting when it is cold outside.

4. Fireplace and Chimney

If you have a fireplace in your home, you will probably want to light it up on the first chilly night. Since you can’t predict when that night is going to be, take care of fireplace maintenance now so it won’t sneak up on you. You need to make sure that it is clear of creosote build-up, birds nests, or any other debris, and clean out the chimney. Most people find it worth it to just hire a professional to do the dirty work. Also stock up on firewood now and you will be glad you took these fall preparation steps for your home.

5. Windows And Doors

It is important during cold months to keep the warm air on the inside and the cold air on the outside. This can often be accomplished by sealing up any gaps and cracks in your windows and doors. The weather stripping needs to be checked and replaced if it’s no longer providing a tight seal. Caulk can fix the smaller cracks that can form in window sills.

6. Insulate Pipes

Nobody wants to experience a frozen pipe when it is cold outside, so one of your fall preparation steps for your home should be insulating your pipes with foam sleeves. Most hardware stores will have flexible foam pipe insulation that is pre-slit and has a hollow core. Exposed hot water pipes waste heat during the cold months. Cold-water pipes should be insulated for the first 3 feet after entering a home.

7. Lawn

The beautiful lawn you had all summer will need to be prepared so it can regain its appearance next spring. Keeping the grass as short as possible for as long as possible is important. It will keep a lawn free of pests. A lawn should be fertilized one last time prior to the first frost. All leaves and sticks should be cleared and lawn furniture should be stored.

Proper fall preparation steps for your home can make the cold months a bit easier to handle. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your house is ready for snow, ice, and falling temperatures. This makes it easier to say goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall.

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