Welcome to House2Home Inspection Services

“Inspecting Houses, Making Homes”

Tom Rusco is the owner and president of House2Home Inspection Services. Tom is a former NIBI Certified Inspector and has performed 2,000+ home inspections over his 20 year home inspection career. He has extensive background in home;inspections, remodeling, construction, education and environmental issues. Tom develops, certifies and instructs H2HInspection’s CE Marketplace certified real estate continuing education courses. Tom manages the daily operations for House2Home Inspection Services and you will often speak with him when contacting our office. Prior to owning H2HInspections , Tom worked in finance for several automotive companies and as a small business consultant for an international consulting firm. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Grand Valley State University. Tom enjoys playing tennis and golf and travelling with his wife Lois.

Lois Rusco is the co-owner and Vice-President of House2Home Inspection Services and is the owner and President of PersonalizedAnswering and SchedulingServices, Inc. (PASS). PASS provides virtual office services to hundreds of home inspectors across the country. This unique combination of home inspection experience gives Lois a wide perspective and knowledge base related to the home inspection industry. Lois’ education includes a BBA in accounting and an MBA in marketing. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lois spent 20 years in the accounting, finance, sales and marketing departments for various companies including BDO, Kellogg Company, KAO/Jergens, Quaker Oats and Pepsi Cola. Outside of her business, Lois enjoys playing tennis and golf and travelling with her husband Tom.

Rob Pace is House2Home Inspection Services "Chief Inspector". Rob has been performing home and building inspections since 2002 and has completed over 7,000 inspections. As H2HInspections Chief Inspector, Rob trains all of our employees (inspectors and administrative staff) on the aspects of the home inspection.Rob worked in the family home construction business since he was old enough to hold a hammer providing him with 40+ years of construction and home inspection experience. With this background, Rob has developed an extensive knowledge base related to home construction and maintenance. In his spare time, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys. Sports is a big part of Rob and his family’s activities as they all enjoy baseball, lacrosse, football and hockey. Rob appreciates that his House2Home Inspection career brings new clients and homes each day and he looks forward to informing them about their potential home purchase. Rob’s past clients comment on his extensive home construction knowledge, low key manner and attention to detail.

Dex Berends is a Senior Inspector with House2Home Inspection Services. Dex is a certified home inspector by the National Institute of Building Inspectors and has completed several thousand home and building inspections. His inspection experience coupled with his background in plumbing and HVAC systems enables Dex to provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection for his clients. Dex is also a registered trainer for House2Home Inspection’s certified continuing education courses on environmental concerns, the inspection process and septic systems that we provide to the real estate community. Clients comment on Dex's personable and professional manner, plus his ability to explain home systems in easy to understand terms. In his spare time, Dex enjoys spending time with his family and is a motorcycle enthusiast.

Melissa Berends is House2Home Inspection Services Marketing Manager. Melissa has a background in several customer service industries and is a “people person” who enjoys interacting with the many real estate professionals she meets. Melissa attends many of the real estate communities meetings and is very active with the board of realtors and individual real estate offices events. Melissa is also an instructor for House2Home Inspection’s continuing education courses that we provide to our realtors and agents. Being married to a home inspector (Dex Berends) also gives Melissa an in-depth understanding of the home inspection process, inspection techniques and report. Besides spending time with her husband and keeping up with their son Ethan, Melissa enjoys arts & crafts and motorcycle riding.