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Contact our office to develop your package of services. House2Home Inspection Services offers additional services that your property purchase may need or require. Consult your real estate professional regarding lending and location requirements. H2H is also very knowledgeable regarding the requirements for loans (e.g. FHA, VA, USDA) and locations that require specific inspection services. Additional Services are discounted when performed in conjunction with the house/building inspection.

Your House2Home inspection report access will be delivered to you the same day as your inspection. Environmental tests for Radon Gas, Water Quality and Mold require 3 to 5 business days to complete, review and release the test results.


Single Family, Multi Family and Light Commercial building inspections available.
Included with the house/building inspection.

Additional Services:

Inspection/Test Description
H2H uses professional grade, tamper resistance, electronic monitors.
H2H completes the pest industry standard NPMA-33 form which is accepted by all lending institutes.
Inspection consists of visual and operational testing of the well pumping system.
There are special water testing packages for FHA, USDA and VA loan requirements.
H2H inspects the septic drainfield to ensure adequate water flow and soil composition.
A video camera is run from the house to the street disclosing the condition of the sewer line.
Air samples are taken to determine if there are elevated levels of mold spores in the home.