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“Inspecting Houses, Making Homes”


  • You are selling your HOME and want to make the most money from your investment. The proceeds from this home sale is likely your single largest contributor to the investment in your next home. House2Home Inspection Services can help maximize your investment.
  • A "Pre-Listing" Inspection is performed for the seller prior to the home being listed for sale. Youwill know the same information that a buyer would receive with their house inspection.
  • The Seller benefits of a Pre-Listing are;
    • Repair Option
      • Owner affected repairs cost approximately 50% of the negotiated repair costs.
    • Selling Price is reinforced
      • The Sales Price is set based on the current known and reported house conditions.
    • o Enhance Marketability
      • Link report to MLS listing.
      • Report available for showings.
      • Re-Inspections are available for report update to reflect repairs made.
    • Reduce Liability (full disclosure)
    • Unbiased, third party report