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“Inspecting Houses, Making Homes”


  • Buying a HOME is the single largest purchase a person makes in their life. This is an important and significant decision….Could this house be my home. House2Home Inspection Services can help protect your investment.
  • Many buyers are not aware of the significance of noted defects. H2H will provide our client an unbiased opinion based our over 40 years of home inspection experience. Not every defect is major. Some repairs may be simple and inexpensive depending on your particular skills.
    • 40% of houses have a serious defect ($500+ repair cost)
    • Almost every house has at least one minor defect (under $500 repair cost)
  • It is not uncommon for buyers have an emotional attachment to a house. H2H provides an unbiased, experience driven, fact based report of the house helping you determine if this should be your home.
  • Become familiar with the houses systems condition and operation.
    • H2H inspectors are experts in determining the condition and functionality of the house's major components.E.g. Where is water main shut off valve, How to change the furnace filter, Do safety devices (e.g. GFCI, smoke alarms) function, etc.
    • NO SUPRISES. House2Home Inspection Services objective is to provide our client with the information necessary to make a knowledgeable HOME purchase decision.